The City of San Diego places seasonal swimming or surfing zones that are separated and enforced by lifeguards, yellow and black checkered flags mark the division of surfing and swimming area. We have strategically placed our delivery locations by the surf zones. Upon delivery we can help guide you further.


Top Surfing spots for:

  • Beginners 1) La Jolla Shores
    2) Tourmaline 
    3) Tower 19 
    4) Mission Beach North
    5) Mission Beach
  • Intermediate 1) PB Drive
    2) Crystal Pier/Diamond
  • Advanced 1) Wind an Sea
    2) Bird Rock
    3) Scripps
    4) Blacks
    5) South Mission


Mission and Pacific Beach


Best beginner surf spot in San Diego. Also, great for paddle surfing.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Crystal Pier/Diamond St

The closer you get to the pier from tourmaline, the faster and more powerful the wave becomes.

Level: Beg/Intermediate - Advanced

PB Drive

A mix of progressive beach breaks for intermediate surfers and beginners. Arguably one of the better beach breaks for shortboarders.

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Tower 19

Tower 19 is where Mission and Pacific Beach intersect. There are generally good beginner waves here.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Mission Beach North

Beginner waves just outside the most crowded beach area. We strategically avoid the area between Ventura Place to San Fernando Place, lifeguards reserve this area for swimming. Large parking lots funnel in major crowds during the summer.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Mission Beach

Beginner waves just outside the most crowded beach area.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

South Mission Jetty

South Mission jetty is one of our top breaks, its best for intermediate to advanced. Although, you can find fun beginner waves at the waters edge. If you paddle out into the line up by the jetty be mindful of territorial locals, let them have the waves closest to the jetty. 200-300 yards north you can find waves to yourself.

Level: Beginner – Advanced


Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs

$20 will be added to deliver to this location. Note there is traffic from 4-6:30 that can affect pick up time.

Ocean Beach

Lots of variety here condensed into this area. There are progressive hollow waves forshortboardsby the Jetty, however, you need the right tide and swell. On the Northside at dog beach you have better beginner waves. If you are a beginner, be mindful that jettys have rip currents. It’s best to surf right in the middle between them. There are plenty of lifeguards here to keep you safe.

Level: Intermediate –Advanced


La Jolla Reefs

Note: The Reefs of La Jolla are geared toward surfers with experience. They are accessed through cliff walks and rocky reef passages. Please know your ability and choose beach breaks if you are new to the sport. Tides strongly affect the waves here, too much tide and certain waves don’t break.

Bird Rock

Great spot, slightly mushy wave face that caters to a fish or longboard. However, it can definitely be shortboarded with enough swell and lower tide.

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Wind an Sea

Beginner surfers should not surf here. This spot is a swell magnet year round. Tide can change it from a really soft wave to a hollowed wave. There is a large presence of local surfers that require you to let them have first shot at their waves. Be respectful and you’ll find some fun.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced


La Jolla Shores


La Jolla Shores

Great beginner spot due to the gradual slope of the wave. Beautiful back drop of La Jolla Cove in the distance. Head over to Scripps if you are more advanced.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate


Theres more power here between La Jolla Shores and the Pier. It’s a peaky beach break that changes with the tide.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced


¾ mile steep hike to the beach. Rarely lifeguarded, this beach is for advanced surfers with experience. In general this wave is a swell magnet with large A frame peaks scattered around a ½ mile area.

Level: Advanced